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TenCate Nicolon

Lancer Textiles is proud to have been appointed a Master Distributor for TenCate Industrial Fabrics. Our role as Master Distributor is to service TenCate customers that may not meet minimum order requirements, who order infrequently, and to fulfill special converting needs and requests, such as slitting, rerolling, etc.

“Lancer Textiles is a welcome addition to our distribution network. As our Master Distributor partner Lancer Textiles will stock and sell first quality products of our most popular styles and put ups and will help bridge the gap for those customers that have special converting needs, who buy small quantities, or who are unable to buy direct due to minimum order requirements. Lancer will help us expand our customer base while continuing to provide world class customer service and product quality which our customers have come to expect”, said Kevin Jung, Director of Sales and Marketing for TenCate’s Industrial Fabrics division.

TenCate’s Nicolon Industrial Fabrics division engineers products with advanced application knowledge to meet the needs and specifications for markets such as horticulture, agriculture, recreational, containment, filtration, transportation/construction, furniture/bedding, industrial nonwovens, specialty, and dewatering.

For additional information or to find out how Lancer Textiles can satisfy your textile needs or to request a sample, contact Lancer Textiles here.